Stroke Of Luck in Your Sales

Training Programme on Improving your Luck in Sales

For the first time we unveil a topic that was not touched upon earlier. By using a study done on more than 200 different people and sharing information, knowledge and wisdom in an attempt to understand successful individuals and what made them "LUCKY".

The program is designed for sales people with a minimum of 5 years in work experience. Knowing that sales people dislike being preached to, it focuses more on real life examples, and stories told by great corporate leaders and innovative thinkers rather than using the burden of a formal technical teaching syllabus. It involves using an out of the box thinking approach and bringing out the best sales person or team you can be.

An Analysis will be conducted at the beginning and at the end of the program. The difference felt between them will be used to determine the change at various levels.

Limited seats only people. Be there, Be the Change

The Faculty

Abhimanyu Singh, a Hotel Management Graduate and MBA from IMS Indore has worked with different teams across the globe in his approximate two decades of work experience. Started as bartender just after his graduation he has sold time shares, hotel rooms , travel packages, space selling, Conference and exhibition selling and a lot more. Currently he is Director with Tech Eight Consultancy, Dubai. Abhimanyu throughout his life remained eager to know about people and their reaction in different test conditions and its impact specially in the field of sales and on different salespeople, during his early sales days, Abhimanyu found few sales people were working very hard but still were not able to produce results as much as others whose efforts were surely lesser and getting better results, was it because of luck or something else?