Global HSE Kuwait

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Global HSE is an International cross industry platform initiated and pioneered by a Governing council consisting of HSE Thought Leaders from all major industries in the Asia Pacific and MENA Region. It is a revolving calendar event across the world which discusses leadership commitment and their alignment towards HSE. Global HSE positions itself within every destination it revolves as the premier platform for Creating Safe & Sustainable Future through Business Excellence. It facilitates cross culture learning and cross industry growth by learning from each other. All Global HSE Editions are hosted by a country and led by a major organization within the country along with overwhelming support from Government, Industry, Regulators, NGOs & Academic Institutions globally and within the region. The Global HSE Initiative has evolved as the leading event to showcase latest innovative technologies, services and products available to the industry.

Global HSE 2022, Sultanate of Oman

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Global HSE 2022 will mark its 8th edition in the Sultanate of Oman, where HSE professionals from across the globe will converge to share their knowledge, leading to the future of HSE practices. The event be a platform for thought leaders and subject matter expertise from industry to impart knowledge sessions on the sustainable business practices underlining the socio-economic excellence.

GPA GCC Chapter

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In November 1992, representatives from nine major oil companies in the Gulf Co-operation Council met in Bahrain to promote the formation of the Gulf Chapter of the Gas Processors Association. This meeting, which was hosted by the Bahrain National Gas Company (BANAGAS), was also attended by three senior representatives of the GPA and GPA - European Chapter.

The formation of a GCC Chapter of the GPA to be based in Bahrain was agreed in the meeting and a steering committee was formed to work on the By-Laws of the Chapter and to arrange for an organisation meeting in April 1993.

InterSpill 2022

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The Interspill conference and exhibition is controlled by European spill industry associations NOSCA, SYCOPOL, SRGH and UKSpill, together with EMSA, IPIECA and Oil Spill Response Ltd. Interspill is returning in 2022 and is expected to attract over 1,200 delegates, visitors and exhibitors from 70+ countries. The concept of Interspill was launched over 20 years ago and designed to address the changes taking place in the world of marine spills, including the successes in dramatically reducing the numbers of spills and the new challenges like the need for more discussion around on-land spills.

RECSO EnviroSpill 2022, Kingdom of Bahrain

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RECSO EnviroSpill provides a dedicated platform for professionals from major industries to discuss, debate and share knowledge, expertise and experience on different technologies in the field of oil spill and environment preservation. The event will primarily focus on issues pertaining to the cleaner Gulf seas.


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The prestigious & most pupular Offshore Jack Up middle East (OJME) Conference & Exhibition is back for the 5th edition, covering the overall aspects of the Jack Up Rig & Liftboat industry with particular emphasis on the ongoing developments of Middle East's drilling industry.

Almost 150 delegates from UAE, Singapore, UK, USA, Germany, Belgium, Nederlands, Saudi Arabia, India, France, South Africa, Qatar & Aberdeen attended the “4th OJME, having theme technical & Operational Excellence in low oil price environment. The presentations featured new technologies, markets, innovations & initiatives that support the development and the sustainability of the Rig business in this low oil price regime. Read more

NABC 2017

About The Event

NABC 2017 is the 37th Banga Sammelan, organised by Bay Area Prabasi along with Partner Organizations in Santa Clara Convention centre, close the the scenic San Francisco city, from July 7th to July 9th, 2017. NABC 2017 is a forum connecting people from East and West - a forum where the ideas and experiences are shared. Apart from the three-day cultural program, it will also host seminars and forums to discuss issues affecting the NRI community including cultural identity, and it's role in an increasingly dynamic and globalised economy


  • More than 8000 attendees from all across the world
  • Extensive Media coverage, podcast, advertisement and social media to reach out to thousands more worldwide
  • Business forum on "Innovation and Entrepreneurship"
  • Next Gen forum for the youth
  • Trade show to showcase products in USA and from India and Bangladesh
  • Traditional and modern music from India and Bangladesh
  • Literary Seminars and workshop on social and literary topics
  • International Bengali and Film award presentation

TGIP 2018

About The Event

The Great India Pavilion is a unique concept to showcase the Indian Traders to be a part of an incredible event focusing on Indian culture and artwork. This is formed under NABC (North America Bengali Conference) 2018. The Great India Pavilion gives the opportunity for the industry to promote their business under one roof in USA with its own branding and insight.


  • To promote India as the destination for trade, tourism and investment
  • To showcase India’s vibrant culture and tradition
  • To create awareness about India’s business strengths and opportunities for investments
  • To disseminate business and trade information about India and the US
  • To facilitate strategic business tie-ups between the companies in India and the US


About The Event

Kuwait International Health, Safety, Security & Environment (KIHSSE) 2019, is the 3rd Edition of the initiative taken by Kuwait Petroleum Corporation for bringing together the peers of Health Safety Security and Environment under one roof. This year the event stands at the forefront of blending HSSE as a practice to attain Business Excellence under the theme of “Transforming HSE Culture for a Resilient Future”.

The event will witness an elite amalgam of pioneers connecting to form an ecosystem of users, producers, innovators, influencers, and industry leaders to explore a realm of HSSE from sectors like, Petroleum, Construction, Government Authorities, Petrochemicals, Logistics and Transportation, Educational Institutions or Certifying agencies, Utilities, Petroleum Service providers, Science & Laboratories: Biological Research Institution, Waste and Recycling etc.

RECSO EnviroSpill 2019

About The Event

RECSO EnviroSpill 2019 provides a dedicated platform for professionals from major industries to discuss, debate and share knowledge, expertise and experience on different technologies in the field of oil spill and environment preservation.

The event will primarily focus on issues pertaining to the cleaner Gulf seas. The event provides a global platform to discuss potential solutions and researches that will highlight current science, management issues and new directions benefiting the industry and region as a whole.

GPA-Global 2019

About The Event

Gas Processing Association (GPA) is a professional technical body which is committed to and focused on the generation and dissemination of technical Knowledge by providing the region with a forum for the interchange of technology and development in the gas and gas processing sector. Since its inauguration in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 1993, the Gas Processing Association (GPA) has successfully run 26 meetings. It is continuing to develop and improve its services to meet the needs of its member companies and their personnel.

The vision of GPA is to be the focal point and the main source of information on the Gas Processing industry in the Gulf Co-operation Council countries (GCC). The mission is to serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas, technology and information that will benefit both the upstream and downstream, Gas Processing Industries, and their Suppliers, with a view towards improving plant Operations, Health, Safety and Environmental performance in the GCC countries.

Global HSE 2019

About The Event

Global HSE 2019 will mark its 7th edition in the Kingdom of Bahrain, where HSE professional from all across the globe will converge their knowledge to lead the future of HSE practices. The event will witness thought leaders of the industry who will impart knowledge sessions on the sustainable business practices underlining the socio-economic excellence.

The conference is set to the theme of HSE Excellence - Efficiency, Resilience and Sustainability. As the core components of the show, the conference will have 4 parallel technical sessions focussing on Process Safety, Occupational Health, Sustainability and the conference agends is being designed in cooperation with Technical Committee comprising the elite presence of senior representatives from NOCs, IOCs and major industry operators from all accross the globe.

Emergency Response & Fire Leadership 2020

About The Event

Emergency Response & Fire Leadership Global Summit 2020 (ERFL 2020) is an international platform that will address research and innovations in the field of emergency response, crisis management, fire and safety. The conference and exhibition will bring together a distinguished gathering of participants from all across the globe, sharing their expertise about the current and future challenges in the light of emergency response management and fire leadership.


Global Technicians Summit

About The Event

Global Technicians Summit is an initiative of Saudi Society of Technicians and is a vital step towards the Saudi 2030 vision of a vibrant Society, a thriving economy and an ambitious nation. The event is a platform to encourage and support technicians who continue to be a strong pillar in the economy of any country. The Saudi Society of Technicians aims to develop and formulate educational requirements consistently with the labour market to ensure quality, issuance of license to exercise a profession, and measure and approve skills and competencies levels in a national frame for qualifications. Global Technicians Summit is an event that has been put together by Saudi Society of Technicians to celebrate the achi.

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About The Event

Global Upstream Technology Conference (GUTEC) takes a holistic account of some of the most crucial disruptions in the upstream O&G industry, which have redefined the ways it operates, delivers, improves, and innovates in the times of digital renaissance. Further, it also take a deeper insight into which technologies prove a strategic fit for leveraging multiple aspects of the O&G functioning.


About The Event

The Future Downstream Technology Conference is Focused on Asset Management and Operations Optimizing in Downstream through Automation, Technology and Innovation. All oil and gas field operators are continuously attempting to increase production and reduce costs from their assets. Production optimization of wells, facilities and reservoirs is an ongoing activity, but sometimes help from outside is needed to get you to the next level.